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G.A.P. Continues To Grow Coinciding with Their Upcoming 15 Year Anniversary With TCP.

Diane Lopez continues to propel growth at G.A.P. Federal Credit Union in her role as CEO, coinciding with the upcoming 15-year anniversary of their partnership with TCP.

We would like to draw attention to this article from The Tribune-Democrat, written by Russ O’Reilly. The article highlights Diane Lopez’s journey from Texas to Johnstown, her involvement in the expansion of GAP Federal Credit Union, and her dedication to empowering members and the community. G.A.P. Federal Credit Union has been our business partner for many years, providing remarkable options for high school graduates to join the workforce and teaching them financial literacy at a young age. Their commitment to empowering the workforce and the community is truly commendable. Check out the article linked below to read all about it!
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