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The Challenge Program, Inc.

Cash Awards

This award is given to students with 0 absences. If there are no students with 0 absences, students with the least number of absences in accordance with their school’s attendance policy are eligible for the attendance award. 

Students who rank #1 in any STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) related course are eligible for this award. 

Students who submit community service hours to their school are eligible for this award. 

The top 10 percent of students with the biggest improvement in GPA from the previous year are eligible for this award. 

The top 10 percent of students with the highest GPA are eligible for this award.

The Challenge Program, Inc.(TCP) has an opportunity for ALL students. Choose one or all of the categories below, work hard, and you could receive a $200 check! TCP will award 5 seniors, 5 juniors, and 5 sophomores, at every school in the program. Seniors have until the end of the third marking period to challenge themselves in any category and will be awarded in the spring. Sophomores and juniors have until the end of the year and are awarded each fall. 

Students do not have to enter or sign up to earn an award. Work hard and your school and TCP take care of the rest!

Student of the Year Competition

Why Not You? Why Not Now?

Student of The Year Now Closed For The 23-24 School Year

We are glad that our program has supported you in pursuing your goals at school. You have the potential to achieve something amazing! Why not aim for Student of the Year? To qualify for this award, you need to be a 10-12 grade student at a TCP school that offers our program. The only other criterion is that you have benefited from the program in some way. That's all! There is no GPA requirement to apply. Just share your story with us.

3 Finalist receive $1,000 in cash!

The Student of the Year competition is now closed!
It will open again in September 2024!

Become a Student Influencer!

Our influencers are a group of students who are passionate about TCP and what we do! Their objectives include promoting the program to their fellow students, creating content for TCP’s social media, and providing TCP with key insight on behalf of the students! Throughout the year they are earning community service hours and are given titles and positions within the group. 
Interested in joining the group? Apply below!

Connect With Us!

Follow us on social media to take advantage of our exclusive giveaways, be the first to know about opportunities for CASH, and so much more!

Use our hashtag to be featured! Take a photo with a TCP banner in your school or, if you won a TCP award, pose with it, post it on social media, and use  #TCPLookAtMe to be featured on our page!

Download our free coloring page!
Don’t forget to take a picture of your finished product and share it with us on social media!

Submit a Thank You Note

If snail mail isn’t your thing, we gotcha covered. Submit a thank you note to Dan Perkins, TCP’s Founder, and your school’s business partner below!
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