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stated raised awareness about their company and career opportunities

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stated raised awareness about businesses and opportunities they   did not know existed

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stated that they learned how the award categories affect business and success

How Can You Partner?

Step 1

Implement The Program

The Challenge Program, Inc. and business sponsokick-off the year with an assembly challenging students in five key workforce habits, and connect these habits to having success in school and in their future careers.

Step 2

Connect To Education

Businesses connect directly with students in the communities where they operate and will need to recruit.

Students learn about local career opportunities and the paths to training and education options for these jobs.

Businesses have opened their facilities for tours to students and educators, conducted industry presentations and have offered job-shadowing and internship opportunities.

Return on investment is a qualified, trained, and prepared up-and-coming workforce.

Step 3

Reward Accomplishment

Cash incentive awards are distributed in each school as part of the business’s investment support. The awards are presented to 15 students (five seniors, five juniors and five sophomores) who have demonstrated growth, improvement, and achievement in The Challenge Program, Inc.’s five award categories.

Student in the Workplace Model

See Some Results of the Program

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