2020 Student of the Year Top 3 Finalists

West Mifflin High School
Allegheny County, PA
Progeny Systems
(Business Partner)“The Challenge Program’s assembly ignited something within me. The introduction of a competition within my academics instantly excited me, as I had grown bored with school. Hearing that I would be noticed for my hard work made me want to become a better student.”

Paden City High School
Wetzel County, WV
Murtech, Inc.
(Business Partner)“The Challenge Program has made a tremendous impact on my life. It has helped me realize what I need to do to ensure my future.Things that I didn’t think about when I was younger were suddenly brought to light. People weren’t going to hire me if I didn’t show up to work so I better start showing up to school.”

South Side High School
Butler County, PA
(Business Partner)“The Challenge Program’s theme for the year was simple yet thought-provoking and had instilled a level of confidence within me that I thought I never would possess: Why Not Me? Those 3 words in an instant were able to turn my entire academic career around.”

These 7 Finalists Complete The Top 10

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Cara Augustine

Libby Skiles

Koby Bailey

Faith Talbot

Kaitlyn Maxwell

Sainiana Waqanivalu

Brownsville High School
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COE Distributing and Ford Business Machines

Jayla Morales