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TCP Award Guidelines & Student Survey

TCP requests student award finalists take a brief survey to gather feedback and improve program impact.

Click here for student survey instructions and slips to distribute to your finalists. 

Once they have taken the survey, they will see a code at the end – Motivate.Connect.Reward.  They should report this code back to you, either on a slip of paper with their name or by email.  The names of the students who return the survey are placed in a drawing for the award category for which they are eligible.

This award is given to students with zero absences. If there are no students in a grade with zero absences, students with the least number of absences in accordance with their school’s absentee policy are eligible for the attendance award.

TCP defers policies and criteria for attendance to educators.

The student who is ranked #1 in a high school’s specific curriculum for science, technology, engineering or math (introductory, intermediate, advanced, college or honors).

For an AVTS/CTC, this would be the #1 student in science, technology, engineering or math curriculum (cosmetology, graphic arts, construction, carpentry, IT, healthcare, etc.)

To be eligible for the Community Service Award student service hours must be signed for by the organization or individual for whom the service was provided.

The upper 10% of students with the greatest increase in their GPA from the previous year ending to the current year ending, regardless of their beginning GPA, are eligible for the academic improvement award. This award gives struggling students an opportunity to improve their habits and their grades.

Students in the top 10% with the highest overall GPA from the beginning to the end of the current school term are eligible for the academic excellence award.

Selecting Award Recipients

Through the sponsorship of the Business Partners, 15 awards are presented to the students for the school year. Students are challenged to earn a cash incentive in each of the five categories. 5 seniors, 5 juniors, and 5 sophomores will receive a $200 check in their name, per school.

  • Seniors' grades and service hours are calculated from the 1st to the 3rd marking periods. Seniors receive their TCP awards before graduation in the spring, typically at your school's senior award ceremony.
  • Juniors' and sophomores' grades and service hours are calculated from the 1st to 4th marking periods. Juniors and sophomores typically receive their awards at the TCP kick-off assembly at your school the following fall.
  • Award finalists are selected from the top 10% of the total number of students who meet the criteria of an award category.
  • TCP requests that the award finalists take a survey. Once the survey is completed, the finalist will be given a confirmation code. As proof of completion, students should write down their name and confirmation code and give/email it to the educator in charge.
  • The educator coordinating the awards can place the names of survey respondents in a drawing for each award category to select the final recipient. If a student qualifies for more than one category, simply resubmit their name.
  • To submit award recipients click the appropriate button below.

2024 Senior Award Links

Community Service Form

If you have any questions or concerns, please email with SUBJECT LINE: Awards/Question or call at 814-533-7401 x103. Please make sure to include the name of your school in your emails and voicemails!

Thank you!

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