Selecting Award Recipients

Selecting Award Recipients

The Challenge Program works to develop good habits, behaviors, and attitudes in students so they will be better prepared for the challenges, competition, and rewards of the workforce.

Have you ever heard this from a student? “The same kids always win, so why bother?”
We have. TCP promotes the academic advancement of all students, regardless of past academic performance, to provide them with an opportunity to redirect themselves and compete. A TCP award is an earned cash incentive award. Students who challenged themselves to exceed their own expectations have the opportunity to become a recipient.

As a result, we moved away from eligibility being only the top student in each category, to a top percentage of students who meet the individual award’s criteria. This gives more students the motivation to try. The implementation of a lottery system to choose the final recipient conveys to students that anything is possible.

A lottery system encourages ALL students (grades 10-12) to compete for an award regardless of their previous academic performance. This “wide-net” approach promotes total student participation by motivating students to reach higher and achieve more than they may have believed was possible. Below outlines the procedure for choosing award winners.

Each award category has a set of criteria

    1. Finalists are selected from the top 10 % of students

who meet the criteria

    1. – not just the top 10% in grade.


    1. Finalists are asked to take a TCP student survey (links will be provided by TCP to the educators).


    1. Students return a slip with their name and the provided password at the end of the survey to the school’s coordinator.


    1. These slips are placed in a drawing for the final selection for each award category.

TCP uses survey results to:
Attract more Businesses to support more Schools.
Attract Major Corporate Business Partners who reach more schools with support/workforce development.
Attract Foundation and Individual donor support.
Attract more Workforce Development activities.
All leading to high school career readiness and graduates achieving gainful employment after graduation.

All 15 Awards MUST be DISTRIBUTED per school (5 awards per 10th, 11th, and 12th grades)
1 award per category/per grade.
No duplicates or splitting of awards is permitted.
All TIES prior to the lottery drawing must be decided via a lottery drawing.
It is possible for one student to win more than one award.