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2016 Kick-Off Assembly: Qualify for Success

Welcome to the 2017-2018 Challenge Program Kick-Off Assembly!
We are excited to have you with us. It is time to schedule the assembly.

Please complete and submit the form below.
If you have any questions, or extenuating circumstances please contact:

Anna Gibbs - Communications Manager
814-533-7401 x100
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NAME OF PRIMARY CONTACT for the assembly (required)
Please list the main individual facilitating The Challenge Program in your school.

Please list the location within the school where the assembly will be held.

Below, please list your top three choices of possible dates, in order of preference, to hold the TCP Assembly. A minimum of two date choices are required however three would be most helpful. These dates will be forwarded to the school's business partner/s to select the date that works best with their schedule. The business will optimally select one date that works with their schedule or may offer another option.
You will either receive a confirmation of a date you provided, or a request for another date.

The Challenge Program requests at least 40 minutes (or a school's bell period) to present the assembly. Below, please list a time for each assembly you require at your school and how long we will have for each assembly. NOTE: TCP representatives and Business Partners will arrive at the school at least 45 minutes prior to the start of an assembly to set up and meet with student volunteers.
YES: How long is a bell period?
NO:If we cannot use a whole period, please indicate the length of time we may have to present the Program.

Please list the start time for the same number of assemblies you requested above.

Eligibility for the Attendance Award is any student with zero absences for the current school year.
The Challenge Program encourages students to change behaviors and attitudes. By electing to begin eligibility on the Date of the Assembly, students who have already missed school since the year began may be motivated to change their behavior and attend school every day.
The Challenge Program requests permission to announce that eligibility for the ATTENDANCE Award can begin with the Date of the Assembly.
If you choose to keep eligibility as the 1st Day of School, we ask that you begin announcing that The Challenge Program, Inc. is active in the school as of the first day.
Thank you!

If your school is holding a Career Day and you would like your Business Partner(s) to participate, please list the date and time of the event and we will notify your Partner(s).
If you are unsure of the date at this time, skip to the next section.
If you're unsure of the date for your career day, let us know below, a good time to contact you regarding this information.

Once this form is submitted a second email will be forwarded with the following information:
1. 2016 Kick-Off Assembly Preparation Guide
2. 2016/17 Program and Awards Guide
3. Underclassmen Award Submission information (if applicable to your school)

Thank you so much for taking the time to fill out this form. It is our hope at The Challenge Program, Inc. that online form submission will be more efficient conveying information and more expedient for our educators. Please feel free to let us know in the box below if you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding the information in this form, our new processes or our website. Have a wonderful day.
You can find additional information regarding the 2016 Assembly Theme, Awards Criteria, Community Service Forms and everything else you need at:
The Challenge Program, Inc.
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