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The Challenge Program, Inc. Kick-Off Assembly
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If you have any questions, or extenuating circumstances please contact:
Anna Gibbs - Program Operations Manager
814-533-7401 x100
or email
Pep Rallies:
To maximize The Challenge Program message for your students to actively work towards an award category, Please avoid Adding us to Pep Rallies. Thank you.
Three Assembly Date Options:
It is important for the business partner sponsoring the program at your school is able to attend.
Please provide three assembly dates in order of the school's preference, for the business to attend. They are an integral part of implementing the program. Thank you.
Assembly Location
Number of Assemblies Required:
Assemblies must be on the same day. We will accommodate as many assemblies as you need.
Assembly Start Time:
For each assembly requested, please fill in a start time Leave blank any box you do not need.
Duration of Assembly:
TCP generally requires one bell period per assembly.
Once this form is submitted a second email will be forwarded with the following information: 1. 2018 Assembly Preparation Guide 2. Underclassmen Award Submission Information and Form (if this is the first TCP assembly for a while, or the first ever, there will not be underclassmen awards this fall. Your first awards will be distributed to your seniors in the spring.)

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The Challenge Program, Inc.