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XTO Energy Inc.: Fueling Student Success


XTO Energy Inc. has been a supporter of The Challenge Program, Inc., participating in five high schools for each of the past two years. Their Appalachia Division Headquarters is located in Warrandale, PA. The company has been in business for twenty-eight years and was purchased by ExxonMobil in 2010. XTO Energy Inc. explores for, drills and produces natural gas, natural gas liquids and crude oil. They operate in the Appalachian Basin mostly because of shale gas. The ability of the company to efficiently develop natural gas, natural gas liquids and oil from the Marcellus and Utica shale has made it possible for XTO Energy Inc. to expand into and plant roots in this region.

“I am incredibly proud of XTO’s commitment to the environment and the community. Our team goes above and beyond to find ways to minimize our impact where we operate,” says Amy Dobkin, community relations manager for XTO Energy. Dobkin has been with XTO Energy Inc. for nearly two years and in that time has become a dedicated XTO representative for The Challenge Program, Inc. Prior to being hired by XTO, Dobkin had been involved with TCP for three years with a former employer.

XTO Energy Inc. sponsors five high schools through The Challenge Program, Inc. They have been strong supporters of The Challenge Program mission especially with Dobkin attending the TCP kick-off assemblies in the fall and the senior class ceremonies in the spring. “We strongly value our partnership with TCP,” says Dobkin. “Supporting education is a cornerstone of our community relations program at XTO Energy Inc., and TCP is an excellent partner in that effort.

From 2013-2015, XTO Energy Inc. sponsored five schools throughout regions where they have ongoing operations: 2 in PA, 2 in WV and 1 in OH. For 2015-2016, XTO has already added a sixth school (Ohio) and will be adding a seventh school. They are currently looking for another Ohio high school. “We work with these schools because our company operates within these communities. We are great supporters of education and are proud to support these schools.” The Challenge Program, Inc. gives businesses a platform to spread the word about their organization however, according to Dobkin, having the opportunity to partner with schools allow XTO Energy Inc., “to learn more about the schools in our operating area. Through these partnerships we have identified additional projects to work on with the schools. It also allows our company to share the types of career options available through our industry.

The Challenge Program, Inc. focused the message this year on careers and the skills required to achieve success, both academically and socially.

Through TCP,” Dobkin explains, “XTO Energy Inc. has had the opportunity to create awareness about our interest in not only hiring employees committed to excellence, but encouraging students to excel for whatever career path they choose. We want to help our communities grow and prosper, and those committed to excellence in all aspects of life can help lead the charge.” Dobkin continues to state, “The characteristics of the award categories all directly correlate to the business world and are a basis for most employee evaluations and job performance reviews. Excelling in these areas before entering the workforce will make students more employable.”

On a personal note, Dobkin enjoys connecting with the students. “They probably don’t think of themselves in this way, but they are incredibly inspiring.” She takes the time with the students after they’ve won an award. “In talking with students, I know TCP motivates [them] to do their best and be their best. This is an incredibly important message and it is positively impacting the students.”

As The Challenge Program, Inc. continues to reach out to more and more students every year, having partners like XTO Energy Inc. help increase the power of our message to believe, reach and achieve. “It’s very rewarding,” states Dobkin, “we receive wonderful notes of thanks from students who participate, compete and win in the categories.” Dobkin continues, “Our partnership with TCP does not only improve the performance of those students who win, it helps motivate, encourage and support all the students who were actively competing for that award. That’s impactful.”

The Challenge Program, Inc. would like to thank XTO Energy Inc. for fueling student success in the region. “To a business I would say TCP is a great partner, will represent your company and your company’s brand well. You will be supported by an amazing support team working for TCP and they make it easy to connect with schools and students.”

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