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Timothy Grebeck – 2015 Student of the Year Finalist

2015 Student of the Year Finalist

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Canon Mc-Millan High School
Washington County

Business Partner – Auma Actuators

“The Challenge Program played a tremendous part in motivating me to achieve my academic and educational goals.

Although I have not yet won a TCP award, the values and lessons instilled into me, drive me to constantly better myself by maintaining and even improving good grades, trying to reduce the number of days I am absent and becoming a more community service oriented individual

In order to even be accepted into a position that is highly competitive, I must set myself apart from others and community service is a brilliant way to do so. Lastly, even in a social studies classroom, a basic understanding of science (psychology), technology (archaeology), engineering (the Industrial Revolution) and math (economics are required to succeed.

My desire to win is not as simple as another trophy to put on a shelf; it is about proving to myself and my friends that I can do something to help make the world a better place.”

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