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My First Week at TCP

By: Erin Sikora Hello Everyone! My name is Erin Sikora and I am the new Marketing Assistant here at The Challenge Program, Inc. in the Pittsburgh office. I am more than ready to get started with my position, but let’s…

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August and September are months filled with firsts. First days of kindergarten, first days of high school, the first chill in the air, the first colorful leaf signaling the first day of fall. This past year at TCP gave me…

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New Director of Program Development

Sara Deyarmin Jones was promoted to Director of Program Development. She is now responsible for the successful building and expansion of The Challenge Program, Inc. in targeted territories. Jones has successfully added new schools, businesses and counties since she joined…

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A Stranger

Have you ever met someone, realized how important meeting them was, and then looked back and thought wow I was close to not meeting them. Perhaps some things are fate or maybe we just get really lucky sometimes. Either way,…

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Proud of You

Most things in my life are things I have done to please other people. I strived to hear the words “I’m proud of you” come out of other people’s mouths. I made sure I stayed home if I thought my parents…

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Madame President

With every successful organization comes a brave leader. Here at TCP it is so inspiring that the brawns behind the operations is a strong female. Barb Grandinetti is someone who oversees an entire program that spans across PA and into…

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