August and September are months filled with firsts. First days of Kindergarten, first days of high school, the first chill in the air, the first colorful leaf signaling the first day of fall. This past year at TCP gave me an opportunity to experience a lot of firsts. My first real office, my first solo awards ceremony, and my first time using vacation days! Throughout all of these firsts, there is one that will always...
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That Crystal Owl Magic

Last year was my first attempt at being a part of the Student of the Year Competition and Crystal Owl Gala. (It was actually my first attempt at almost everything last year. Being 23 is hard). I was amazed by the fact that these students were all entering this competition because they felt TCP made some kind of difference in their lives. After the top 3 entries were chosen, another new aspect added last year...
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A Stranger

Have you ever met someone, realized how important meeting them was, and then looked back and thought wow I was close to not meeting them. Perhaps some things are fate or maybe we just get really lucky sometimes. Either way, that is how I got my start here at TCP; a complete stranger happened to be standing right where I needed her to be. Career fairs are intimidating. They’re crowded, loud and full of people...
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18 and Living the Dream

A day where you get out of the office and get to meet business partners and students is more than likely going to be a good day. When The Challenge Program, Inc. (TCP) found out that Gardner Denver was hiring two graduating seniors, Stephen and Travis (pictured left) from their partnered school Admiral Peary AVTS, Sara, the Senior Program Development Manager, set up a meeting with the business and students for the end of June....
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TCP Award Winner signs with Navy

Jemal Gause earned The Challenge Program, Inc. Community Service award as a senior from Greater Johnstown High School in Cambria County, PA. Westmont Woods in Johnstown is the Business Partner for the high school. “TCP awards people who might not get other awards or even recognized at all,” Jemal stated. “The extra appreciation feels good. It gave me a sense of pride and accomplishment.” A 2017 graduate of Greater Johnstown High School, Jemal earned the award...
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