Life-Changing: Cole Nickolls Ringgold High School

Cole had a stressful year and that is something that makes him completely relatable to his peers and even most adults. What makes him stand out is how he has turned the stress and negativity into something positive not only for himself but others who really need it. Cole’s work with “Caring for Kids” through Eat’n Park, allows him to volunteer and spend plenty of his time at Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh where he was...
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That Crystal Owl Magic

Last year was my first attempt at being a part of the Student of the Year Competition and Crystal Owl Gala. (It was actually my first attempt at almost everything last year. Being 23 is hard). I was amazed by the fact that these students were all entering this competition because they felt TCP made some kind of difference in their lives. After the top 3 entries were chosen, another new aspect added last year...
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Chocolate Auction at The Pittsburgh Social Exchange Benefits Program

This week, we had the privilege of being recognized as one of the charitable spotlight organizations at The Pittsburgh Social Exchange’s 2015 Holiday Party at Stage AE. The party featured a twist on the traditional auction: instead of selling tickets, our staff sold 250 boxes of chocolates. Inside of 25 of those boxes was  a special number that corresponded with a donated basket prize, ranging from $15 to $500 in value. We are grateful to Marti...
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