Life-Changing: Cole Nickolls Ringgold High School

Cole had a stressful year and that is something that makes him completely relatable to his peers and even most adults. What makes him stand out is how he has turned the stress and negativity into something positive not only for himself but others who really need it. Cole’s work with “Caring for Kids” through Eat’n Park, allows him to volunteer and spend plenty of his time at Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh where he was...
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Behind The Scenes

When you work with an organization from the outside, you see a lot of results but never know how those results happen. You walk into a grocery store and there are all kinds of product on the shelf, fresh produce and deli meat, but how did it get there? You go to your local community event and there are prizes, food, and decorations, but how long did that take to plan? If you work for...
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Grandma Loved TCP (In Loving Memory)

February was quite the month for me. I got a new job, a new car, and an office space to make my own. Everything was pretty great and then I hit a roadblock as everyone has at different points in their lives. I have already written a blog thanking TCP for this new job which has allowed me to buy my first car, pay off more of my student loans, and have my weekends back....
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Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation – Scoring a Big Win for Our Students

The Challenge Program, Inc. is thrilled to announce a grant from the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation to support local high school students in our region. The grant was awarded through the Foundation’s Game Day 50/50 Raffles, the proceeds of which are donated to local charities twice each year. In Phase 1, the Foundation donated more than $350,000 to 36 charitable organizations in southwestern Pennsylvania. The Challenge Program, Inc. is honored to be among them. Support from...
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ICTC Health Occupations Students Learn About Insurance

Last week, students in the health occupations class at Indiana County Technology Center (ICTC) were visited by Mr. Greg Sanford of The Reschini Group, an insurance agency based out of Indiana, PA. Mr. Sanford spoke to Health Occupations students about the cost of health care and insurance coverage, including benefits and federal laws related to health care plans, employers and employees. “Most of the students were delighted to learn that they can stay on their...
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