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Patience Karan – 2016 Student of the Year Finalist

2016 Student of the Year Finalist

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Washington High School
Washington County
Paul Kostelnik, Principal
Marie Montecalvo, Guidance Counselor

Dynamet Incorporated,Business Partner

“Ata Challenge Program assembly…I realized that I too could be successful. I had to figure out how..”

“My first three years of high school I had trouble with classes and didn’t care enough to fix it, due to my lack of motivation. I had troubles at home and with myself. Having such terrible grades led me to believe I wasn’t very smart. My junior year, after the assembly for the Challenge program awards, I decided I wanted to earn the award for most improvement. I didn’t believe in myself because I told myself every year I would get honor roll, but this time I wanted high honor roll. I’m in the second semester of my senior year and so far I have had above a 4.0! I worked hard and motivated myself to finally achieve my goals. I went from having a 2.5 GPA to a 4.0, thanks to your program.”

Karan tells us “The [TCP] awards have helped me prepare for my future. Your awards motivated me to try my best and work hard to achieve academic improvement..” Karan was led to believe she could not be successful in college and to not try. “[TCP] helped me realize I have what it takes to become a college student and so far I have been accepted to ever school I applied to.”

Karan struggled with some health issues which added to her inability to focus and be motivated. She moved a lot in her life, and working through family problems kept her feeling out of balance. After a time, when she finally was in place for a period of time and began to feel attached, she had to move again. “This affected me very much and that’s when I stopped caring for school. I didn’t want to get up in the morning or try to succeed. This award showed me that it is worth it to want to do well. This award program showed me that I wanted to graduate the best I can be.”

In closing, Karan wants other to know that she now believes in working hard for what you want. “I am better than I bring myself down to be.”

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