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New Year, New Opportunites

By: Erin Sikora

The start of a new year feels like a fresh start to so many, but the start of this new year has reminded me of all of the new opportunities that the next 365 or actually 366 days has in store. Returning to TCP after the new year brought on a new kind of feeling. We recently came together for our mid-year strategic planning meeting and with all of the ideas flowing through the room, I started to think about all of the exciting opportunities that are approaching in the coming months. With so much to look forward to this year, I thought I would share the top four that I am most excited about!


  1. The Crystal Owl Gala…woah just saying those words makes me smile. As many of you have probably seen, every year TCP hosts the Crystal Owl Gala. This is the event that recognizes the three finalists from the Student of the Year Competition. During this time the Student of the Year winner is also announced. I think I am looking forward to this event the most because you get to see someone’s life change right before your eyes. That moment when all of the hard work that a student has put in final pays off and they are reminded how many people truly believe in them. I think I’ll definitely need a tissue for this one!


  1. The Student of the Year Competition. Well since we already touched on it a little bit I feel like this one is a must-have on the list. I love this competition because it is the perfect way for us to see first-hand how students have been impacted by the program. This competition lets students tell us their story in their own words and just reading the responses will inspire anyone no matter your age.


  1. Spring Award Season. Since this past fall was my first time experiencing what it’s like to hand students the $200 check that they earned I am so excited that I get to take part in this again. I think this time will be extra special because as the end of the year rolls around for the seniors who will be receiving the awards this spring it is also the end of a large chapter of their lives. They are able to see that all of the hard work they put in has paid off for their future no matter where they are headed.


  1. The 2020-2021 School Year. Although it may seem like a lifetime away, planning for the next school year is something that I am so looking forward to. This will be my very first year being able to help plan everything for next year from the theme of the year to the Kick-off assembly and more. Watching all of the small conversations become reality and watching the whole year come to life is one of my favorite things about working behind the scenes here at TCP and I can’t wait to see what is in store.
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