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Myles Cramer – 2017 Student of the Year Finalist

2017 Student of the Year Finalist

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Greene County  Career & Technology Center
Greene County
Mark Krupa, Administrative Director
Edward Miller, Computer Networking Instructor
Katie Sleasman, Guidance Counselor

Business Partner, Noble Energy

“The Challenge Program, Inc.’s presentation stressed how important regular attendance is not only in school, but also in the workplace.”

“The Attendance award helped show me that I always have room to grow and develop as a student. During my freshman and sophomore years, I didn’t see the importance of regular attendance.  I had maintained a 4.0, did well in all my classes, and always had a valid excuse for missing school. I never actually “skipped” school, but I would always make sure that I scheduled appointments during classes or stay home if I had a minor cold. However, this year I changed my approach. In August, I made the decision that I would try to earn the Challenge Program’s Attendance award and keep a record of perfect attendance for my junior year of high school. This change made all the difference and my attendance has given me an edge both in terms of my academic performance and my renewed sense of worth ethic.
The Challenge Program Inc.’s presentation stressed how important regular attendance is not only in school, but also in the workplace.
My greatest adversary was myself and my own attitude. There were more than a few occasions that I wanted to miss school because I was tired or because I could use some extra time to focus on assignments. Since only CTC participates in the Challenge Program, I found myself reasoning that I didn’t need to keep perfect attendance at my high school. I could come to school late, and still technically be eligible for the Challenge Program’s award, as long as I was in school by the time my classes at the CTC started. However, I persevered through it once I recognized just how out of touch that thinking was with the spirit of the award. Once I finished the first semester with perfect attendance, I thought maintaining it was much easier. To date, I still have perfect attendance at CTC.
Perfect attendance has also helped my work ethic. I wasn’t necessarily lazy before working towards the attendance award, but I now have a new respect for deadlines. If a project is due on a given day, I can’t just skip that day to get more time to work on it. “

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