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Miranda Marsinek – 2018 Student of the Year Finalist

2018 Student of the Year Finalist

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Meadowbrook High School
Byesville, OH – Guernsey County

Business Partners – Antero Resources and MarkWest Utica

“I learned the characteristics that a student can obtain by working hard throughout the school year and how important they are to employers.”

Achieving academic success became my top priority very early on in my educational career. I was always told how important it was for me take school seriously and earn good grades, but I was never really told why. Although I was performing well in school, after hearing the message from The Challenge Program, Inc., I realized I was just going through the motions. During the presentation, I learned the characteristics that a student can obtain by working hard during the school year and how important they are to employers. Hearing this motivated me to put forth my best effort in school to compete for the academic excellence and STEM awards. I was also motivated to put forth my best effort in all my assignments to reach my full intellectual potential and become the best version of myself for the future. The Challenge Program, Inc. also taught me the importance of building a resume and becoming a well-rounded individual by incorporating more community service and extracurricular activities into my schedule. I was motivated to compete for the community service award and was excited to participate in meaningful activities.

After The Challenge Program, Inc. assembly, I decided from that day forward I would make it my personal goal to maintain straight A’s during my high school career and get involved in clubs such as National Honor Society and Fellowship of Christian Athletes to gain more opportunities to get involved in my community. I left the assembly with a purpose to keep working hard in the classroom and the motivation to become the best prospective college student and employee possible. Afterward, I wanted to challenge myself by taking the most advanced courses because I knew it would be more beneficial for my current growth and future plans. “Scholarship” is characterized by a commitment to learning, and I will continue dedicating the time and effort necessary to reach my educational and career goals. Playing varsity volleyball was an almost year-round commitment. Completing work and studying for my college courses, working part-time, trying to get involved with more community service, and relaxing and interacting with friends were all competing for the little free time I had. It was difficult at first for me to manage my time to accomplish what needed to be done while also minimizing the stress of being so involved. It didn’t take too long for me to create a schedule that worked well for me, and I have enjoyed many benefits by making these personal changes.

I have noticed that I enjoy putting forth the effort and hard work required to achieve academic excellence because the success is more valuable when it feels like your hard work has paid off. I also enjoy the feeling of making positive impacts in my community through acts of community service. I have a strong desire to help those in need, and by recognizing this passion, I have been able to incorporate it into my future plans and goals. Since I decided to take on the challenge of taking the most advanced courses in my high school, I will be better prepared for the rigor and intensity of college courses at the University of Pittsburgh, and I have earned over 30 college credit hours that will transfer to the university and shorten the time I have to attend to earn my degree. Due to the fact I have enthusiastically taken on responsibility in the community, I am thought of highly by my peers, family, and faculty members in my school district as having the characteristics of a good citizen.

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