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McAneny Brothers, Inc. Hires Three Students

McAneny Brothers, Inc. joined The Challenge Program, Inc. (TCP) in 2017 to sponsor Northern Cambria High School.  This spring McAneny went into the school to present to seniors about the opportunities for summer internships/full-time positions. Students sent in applications and interviewed for positions. Three of them stood out and will now be working full-time at McAneny Brothers right out of high school.

Jim Brady, Seth Charney, and Andrew Weymer each submitted an application and were hired by McAneny Brothers. All three employees work shifts in the warehouse operating machinery and pulling orders for the trucks to take the next morning. The three young men all agree that McAneny Brothers is an amazing company to work for saying that they appreciate the “good work environment”. Weymer says that the best parts about working for McAneny are “you never know what you’ll be doing” and “how helpful they are to their employees.”

Brady talked about the impact of TCP on himself and fellow students saying, “Getting rewarded was a good thing, but every category [TCP] presented gave all of us something to work towards. I’ve always had a good work ethic, but being rewarded for hard work helped me to push myself a little more every year. I always strived for academic improvement.” He also says he is “so happy to have a full-time job and “everything has been great since the day I turned in my application to today.” While working at McAneny Brothers, Brady will be working to attain his CDL license. This credential will offer him more opportunity with a company like McAneny.

Charney heard about the job position through the TCP presentation as well and says, “I never would have known about it if it wasn’t for [TCP]”. When asked what he would tell other students about entering the workforce right of high school is that “it’s worth it. You get to meet so many people and get experience [for the future]”.

With so many available jobs at companies like McAneny Brothers, the problem can often be finding good workers to fill them. The “skills gap” and workforce shortages are not new issues, but McAneny is working with TCP to help close that gap by gaining access to trainable, motivated, students in today’s classrooms.


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