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Mattison Fike – 2016 Student of the Year

2016 Student of the Year

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Greater Johnstown High School
Cambria County
Michael Dadey, Principal
William Chick, Guidance Counselor

Craig Staresinich,Business Partner

“The Challenge Program motivated me to be a better person.”

“Yes, The Challenge Program’s award categories have helped me to prepare for my future career because they have made me realize that no matter how big or small the challenge, you will never get anywhere in life without putting in the necessary effort. Although I have not personally won any of these awards, they still motivate me to be the very best that I can be. I’ve realized that there is no success without effort and by putting in the work efficiently without having to worry about deadlines or grades, you can accomplish great things and still have time on your hands to improve yourself and through that, your community. It is a crucial step in college to take initiative and get the job done right, because you will come to realize that no one can support your backbone better than yourself. If you don’t have the motivation to succeed in life, then why prepare a potential future for yourself? No matter what obstacles are in your way, you have to learn to love yourself and in turn, love the work that you put forth.”

Quite a mature and focused statement from a young woman who stated, “My biggest school challenge would ultimately be being able to find myself and learn to love myself when I thought the world hated me.” Fike made a conscious decision to lay down her past, pick herself up, focus and move forward. “The Challenge Program made me challenge myself and make myself anew. It gave me reason to speak out when I had no voice; it gave me motivation when I had no inspiration, but ultimately it gave me reason to believe that I COULD overcome my past and work my hardest to make myself a greater future.”

As for her future aspirations, Fike simply states, “I want to be a person people look up to for guidance and strength. I want people to look at my challenges and find motivation and inspiration. I want people to find a reason to love themselves when there seems like no hope is left. I want to be a role model.”

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