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Shawn Kaufman – Making a Business Case for The Challenge Program, Inc.

In some ways, our motives could be seen as self- serving.  However, that would miss the point as students benefit as well. Many businesses are experiencing a very tight labor market. It’s a very challenging time right now finding qualified workers. Especially those with a technical or skilled trade education. Such as those who attend a career & tech center.

Our company is competing against other local businesses who are recruiting from the same schools.  We want to get our name out in front of students so when these potential new employees graduate we are the first company they consider.  In partnership with The Challenge Program, Inc. our sponsorship of the Somerset County Technology Center is an excellent match for the type of technically educated applicants we need to attract.  The Challenge Program provides us with an efficient, cost-effective avenue to reach these students.  We have hired and continue to recruit graduates of SCTC.  I believe the added visibility and access to these students we are afforded through our involvement with The Challenge Program gives us an advantage over our competition.

The Challenge Program follows a similar philosophy of our company, which is to reward performance.  We’ve found that achievement & recognition are effective motivators. The Challenge Program, Inc. provides both to high school students who are still in their formative years.  Good habits formed as students pay dividends as these young adults make their transition to their working years.  And finally, as a retired executive of our company used to say regarding this type of community involvement, “It’s the right thing to do!”

Shawn Kaufman, Director of Human Resources, Riggs Industries, Somerset, PA
Riggs Industries partners with Somerset County Technology Center


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