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Madame President

With every successful organization comes a brave leader. Here at TCP it is so inspiring that the brawns behind the operations is a strong female. Barb Grandinetti is someone who oversees an entire program that spans across PA and into parts of two other states and still manages to have a calm demeanor.

Working directly with the president of an organization on a weekly basis is a rare thing in the business world today. In some companies, you may never meet the person who signs your paycheck. It is an honor that on your first day the president of the company comes out to be part of your orientation. She says how excited she is for you to be here and asks your opinion on things all within a half hour of meeting you.

Seeing her meet award winners and outstanding students is another treat. She is genuinely proud of the students as if they were her own. It is apparent that what she does, she does for the right reasons.

She has no problem walking up and telling you what you need to fix and what she loves. If she does love something she really lets you know. Recognition is something else that you cannot get in a lot of places and lack of it is a large factor of why a lot of people leave their jobs. “Thank you” is a common phrase that you hear a lot here from her as well. When someone worked hard and long on something you always hear a thank you from her.

Inside this organization, the employees are genuinely appreciated and love what they do. If every organization could have management skills like TCP, work would not be such a difficult place to be. TCP employees get to work alongside someone they respect and who respects them right back.

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