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ICTC Health Occupations Students Learn About Insurance

Last week, students in the health occupations class at Indiana County Technology Center (ICTC) were visited by Mr. Greg Sanford of The Reschini Group, an insurance agency based out of Indiana, PA.

Mr. Sanford spoke to Health Occupations students about the cost of health care and insurance coverage, including benefits and federal laws related to health care plans, employers and employees.

“Most of the students were delighted to learn that they can stay on their parents’ health care plans until they are 26 years old!” joked Ms. Heidi Allison, RN, MSN and Health Occupations Instructor at ICTC.

Reschini Group
Students in ICTC’s Health Occupations class learned about health care and insurance coverage during a presentation by Greg Sanford of The Reschini Group today.

The Reschini Group has served as the business partner to The Challenge Program, Inc. at ICTC since the 2009/2010 school year. Through the Program, The Reschini Group has the opportunity to introduce students to career opportunities during a school-wide assembly at the beginning of each school year, as well as to participate in smaller, classroom-based visits like the one with the Health Occupations students.

“The Reschini Group is honored to sponsor The Challenge Program at the Indiana County Technology Center. We are always impressed with the accomplishments of the students at the ICTC,” said Greg Sanford of The Reschini Group. “Equally important, the students are always respectful of the guests in their school. The Heath Occupations class was no exception! The students were very engaged in the presentation on ‘Health Insurance Basics’ and asked many relevant questions to better their understanding.”

Allison agrees that the relationship between ICTC and The Reschini Group is a mutually beneficial one.  “The connection we have with The Reschini Group as well as The Challenge Program offers opportunities to all students,” she remarked. “The presentation was valuable for all students, especially in the Health Occupations arena.”

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