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Grandma Loved TCP (In Loving Memory)

February was quite the month for me. I got a new job, a new car, and an office space to make my own. Everything was pretty great and then I hit a roadblock as everyone has at different points in their lives. I have already written a blog thanking TCP for this new job which has allowed me to buy my first car, pay off more of my student loans, and have my weekends back. When I wrote that piece though, I had no idea how much it would mean a month later for a very different reason.

My family and I lost my beautiful grandmother and the one thing I cannot stop thinking of was how proud she was of me in her last few months.

As long as I can remember, my grandmother lived her life wanting me to succeed. She always asked, “When do you graduate? How is your internship? Where are you going to work? When are you going to get a car?” I think the most important thing she always asked me was “Are you happy and do you like what you are doing?” When she fell ill months back, I did worry she wouldn’t get her answers. However, when the President of TCP offered me my position, I cried and I do not think anyone knew it was partially because I could give grandma her answer.

Since I started here as an intern, TCP has always seemed to make great things happen for people. Most of the time, companies make those good things happen for customers or partners but here it is nice that employees make wonderful things happen for other employees regardless of their position. One thing that makes TCP stand out above the rest is the heart that they put into their work. They genuinely care about students, businesses, local communities, and yes their employees. No one at home could believe the things I was coming home and telling them about the people I work with and how kind they are.

I went to see my grandmother and I got to tell her about my new full-time job. Then I got to tell her that thanks to that job,I was getting a car. I showed her a picture and told her I named it “Meredith” after Greys Anatomy’s protagonist. She laughed and that was one of the final times I got to see her laugh and I am forever grateful that I got to have that moment with her.

This is not my first thank you to TCP and it probably will not be my last but I wanted to make sure everyone knows that my grandma loved TCP because of what they gave me and everyone else should have a chance to love this company too. Everyone knows that grandmas know best, so for your inside look, remember that TCP has a heart bigger than many organizations put together and their timing has always been impeccable.

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