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Courtney Crouch – 2016 Student of the Year Finalist

2016 Student of the Year Finalist

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Trinity High School
Washington County
Thomas Samosky, Principal
Tia Burns, Guidance Counselor

WesBanco,Business Partner

“The Challenge Program categories have improved my student career.”

“The Challenge Program categories have improved my student career, and thus affecting my future professional career. My attendance may not be perfect, but it is incredibly improved. I remember the representatives of The Challenge Program saying, “Showing up is half the battle.” Those words have rung true to me, thus improving my academics because I’m not missing any lessons. Since my academics have gotten better, I am much happier to come to school and take on more responsibilities. Since I am taking on more responsibilities, I have better work habits like not procrastinating. Also, my volunteer work gave me a way to express myself, gain confidence, and pick up some work experience skills. I think all of these things that The Challenge Program highlights will prepare me for my future because it has made me work harder.”

Crouch is a TCP award alum, winning Community Service last year as a junior. To her credit, she chose not to stop but challenged herself to do 1,000 of community service at her local hospital. She has chosen to devote her more to giving back because, she tells us, “The Challenge Program is in the back of my mind. [It} has motivated me to take on as many volunteering opportunities that I can.” Some of her favorite work is with The Make a Wish Foundation, The Salvation Army and the American Cancer Society.

Crouch is determined and competitive young woman, “I have attempted to get four out of the five awards that The Challenge Program includes.” An aspiring law student, she is also very humble. “I am proud to say I learned from a young age that doing well in school and helping others does not cost anything, but doing those tasks to the best of my ability are priceless to myself and others.”

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