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Chris Cable – 2017 Student of the Year

2017 Student of the Year

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Beaver County Career & Technology Center
Beaver County
Eric G. Rosendale – Chief School Administrator
David A. Wytiaz – Administrative Director
Laura DelVecchio – Assistant Admin. Director
Tom Geisler – Welding Instructor

Questeq, Business Partner

“I have changed my “don’t care” and negative attitudes to one of possibilities and achievement.”

“I chose academic improvement [as the award he wanted to achieve] because I realized after my first year at the CTC, I wanted to get a good paying career that would give me advantages for the rest of my life. When I first chose the welding program at the CTC, I did because it looked cool. After spending time in the welding class and attending the Challenge assembly, I was motivated to improve my classroom standing so I could compete in the jobs that will develop in the County.

I was very childish in my junior year and didn’t necessarily care. After listening to the Challenge’s motivating presentation, I realized I am the only one that can achieve success in my career and life. The mind set of thinking helped me to realize I needed to grow up and be more responsible for my own actions in order to compete for an award. Through applying myself, I was recognized more in class and have developed a leadership role in my welding class. I am one of the top people in my welding class. I am the only one actively attempting to get a job.

The Challenge Program not only motivated me but made me realize I could accomplish my dream of obtaining an apprenticeship in the Sheet Metal Local Union. I had to pay more attention and focus on improving my attitude and grades to achieve this goal.

I made the decision to drop football which meant I was leaving behind many friendships. After making these changes, I became more aware of my potential. The Challenge Assembly helped me to pay more attention to details and listen to my teacher’s guidance and expectations.

I have changed my “don’t care” and negative attitudes to one of possibilities and achievement.”

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