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Proud of You

Most things in my life are things I have done to please other people. I strived to hear the words “I’m proud of you” come out of other people’s mouths. I made sure I stayed home if I thought my parents…

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Madame President

With every successful organization comes a brave leader. Here at TCP it is so inspiring that the brawns behind the operations is a strong female. Barb Grandinetti is someone who oversees an entire program that spans across PA and into…

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Why Should I?

It is difficult to imagine anyone thinking twice about working with The Challenge Program, Inc. (TCP) once I started sitting in on meetings as an intern and learning about where the business’s money goes. It actually blew my mind finding…

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Crazy stems from a word used in the 16th century which meant “full of cracks.” A place that is full of cracks is not necessarily broken but rather it has room to grow, to let people in these cracks, and…

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Let’s Get Real

As an intern graduating college in December, needing experience and a job is always in the back of my mind. There are loans due, car payments, one more semester worth of school work, and lots of everyday chores to complete.…

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