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Life-Changing: Cole Nickolls Ringgold High School

Cole had a stressful year and that is something that makes him completely relatable to his peers and even most adults. What makes him stand out is how he has turned the stress and negativity into something positive not only for himself but others who really need it. Cole’s work with “Caring for Kids” through Eat’n Park, allows him to volunteer and spend plenty of his time at Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh where he was...
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Alex Pindro-Forbes Road CTC

Meet Alex: Alex Pindro is a senior at Forbes Road Career and Technology Center where she recently earned a $200 award from The Challenge Program, Inc.(TCP) for Community Service. Alex studies Landscaping at the CTC and thoroughly enjoys having the opportunity to do so, in the future, however, she sees herself going into nursing. Her love for helping others is pushing her toward that goal. She tells us, “I’d like to help more people. Landscaping...
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Brogan McCutcheon, senior at Springdale High School.

Recently, I was graciously given a reward for community service from The Challenge Program. I was honored to get this the day of the event, and I am very appreciative of everything that this program stands for. For over 4 years I have worked as a volunteer for Fun and Freedom Youth Sports Inc. This organization does so much for this area and I am just proud to be a part of it. First, I...
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Cecilia Kravarik: 16 Going on Entrepreneur

Cecilia Kravarik received a $200.00 award for community service from The Challenge Program, Inc. (TCP) this past fall. When sending in a thank-you note, it was clear that this young woman had no plans of stopping her success there. She wrote “I have used this award to further my plans on opening my own retail store…”. We asked Cecilia if she would encourage other students to compete for a Challenge Award. She is using her...
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Alex – Community Service Central Cambria HS

The Challenge Program is well, really just that. With the great incentives TCP puts out in partnership with S&T Bank, it was hard for a student like myself to ignore it. I started challenging myself in ways I did not before and it paid off, literally and figuratively. The Challenge Program has made me realize that doing a little can go a long way in your community. I started doing small tasks around my school...
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