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Life-Changing: Cole Nickolls Ringgold High School

Cole had a stressful year and that is something that makes him completely relatable to his peers and even most adults. What makes him stand out is how he has turned the stress and negativity into something positive not only for himself but others who really need it. Cole’s work with “Caring for Kids” through Eat’n Park, allows him to volunteer and spend plenty of his time at Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh where he was...
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Harmar Village Care Center

For students who reside in the Southwestern Pennsylvania Region, junior and senior year of high school can be a time of mixed emotions and uncertainty. Not only do students have to confront questions about the never-ending trade school, college, and university choices, but also how to pay for a their post-secondary education without accruing a mountain of student debt. For Alexis Peck, however, her choice was made easy. Alexis began her post-secondary journey through volunteer...
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Christina Kramer – Feeling Good about Community Service

Community Service is my favorite TCP category. I may be biased because I work in Community Affairs at Range Resources – so I know a little something about how giving back to your community makes you feel. There is an episode of “Friends” (a show that was on way before your time but you can still catch re-runs) called “The One Where Phoebe Hates PBS”.  In it, the characters talk about how good deeds are...
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Shawn Kaufman – Making a Business Case for The Challenge Program, Inc.

In some ways, our motives could be seen as self- serving.  However, that would miss the point as students benefit as well. Many businesses are experiencing a very tight labor market. It’s a very challenging time right now finding qualified workers. Especially those with a technical or skilled trade education. Such as those who attend a career & tech center. Our company is competing against other local businesses who are recruiting from the same schools. ...
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