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A List of Words: MyGivingStory

The Challenge Program, Inc. is a non-profit organization that builds sustainable Business/Education partnerships while motivating students to develop the good habits required to succeed in school and in the workplace. It is also my place of work and the organization that changed my life. When I was brought into this organization as an intern a few years ago, I thought I would be able to learn something about marketing and get the opportunity to run...
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Katie Wolfe’s Story: Connellsville CTC

By:Melanie Muha Katie Wolfe, a student at Connellsville Career and Technology Center (CTC), accepted TCP’s challenge and volunteered for over 300 hours of community service last year. She was recently rewarded for that amazing achievement at the fall kick-off assembly at her CTC. Receiving a $200 check for something she loved to do gave Katie another reason to give back to her community. Katie plans to keep working towards the Community Service Award from TCP...
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An A+ First Assembly

By: Erin Sikora I’ve realized over the years that there are two types of people, the ones that love public speaking and the ones that feel sick to their stomach at the thought of it. I have always felt that speaking in front of a crowd came somewhat natural to me so when TCP recently gave me the opportunity to complete my first assembly on my own I was ecstatic. I have been able to...
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Purpose: Alexia Pritchard

By: Melanie Muha There is no lack of powerful stories at The Challenge Program, Inc. It has become obvious over the past few years of working here that there is always a student with a story to tell about how TCP influenced them. Finding them in the crowd of the thousands of students that TCP reaches every fall and spring season is the only tough part. However, this year with our student followers on our...
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My First Week at TCP

By: Erin Sikora   Hello Everyone! My name is Erin Sikora and I am the new Marketing Assistant here at The Challenge Program, Inc. in the Pittsburgh office. I am more than ready to get started with my position, but let’s be honest, the first week at any new school or job is always a mix of emotions. You don’t really know what to expect which can be thrilling, but also nerve racking. I am...
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