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Building Our Future Workforce

Representatives from Corle Building Systems recently visited Bedford County Technical Center through their participation in The Challenge Program, Inc.

The representatives, including founder John Corle, toured the campus and visited departments of interest to better understand how BCTC is preparing students for careers in manufacturing—and what Corle can do to help.

Their first stop was the welding department. During the visit, Mr. Corle generously offered to donate scraps from Corle Building Systems that students could utilize as practice materials. The company also has tentative plans to host welding students on a tour of their facilities later this spring and to conduct interviews with 13 students from BCTC shortly thereafter.


From this pool of interviews, Corle hopes to hire students for co-op opportunities and/or full-time employment. The company has enjoyed record growth in the past few years and is in great need of qualified welders.

The campus tour also included a stop at BCTC’s Workforce Development Building, which was constructed by Corle Building Systems.

The visit was made possible through the business/educational partnership formed by The Challenge Program, Inc., a local nonprofit that introduces students to careers in their communities and motivates students to develop the solid work habits required for success in school and in their future careers.  As a partner to The Challenge Program, Inc., Corle Building Systems representatives first visited BCTC in the fall to host school-wide, kick-off assemblies.

This second visit was more intimate. Sara Deyarmin, Manager of Program Development, says the tour serves as a strong example of how The Challenge Program, Inc. can assist local companies with their recruitment needs. “Our Program offers a range of activities for partnering businesses and schools—from tours and classroom presentations to job shadowing, internships and even employment,” she says. “Our core mission is connecting business with education to help students better understand—and prepare for—careers in their communities that provide meaningful work and family-sustaining wages.”

BCTC Director Dave DiPasquale (right) gives John Corle, founder of Corle Building Systems, a tour of campus.

Dave DiPasquale, Director at BCTC, says the school is already seeing the value of its participation in The Challenge Program, Inc. “I think The Challenge Program, Inc. helps our school build stronger relationships with our local businesses,” he notes. “The incentive awards are great and keep kids focused on some pretty important attributes to graduate with.”

The incentives that DiPasquale refers to are rewarded to students who compete and excel in The Challenge Program, Inc.’s five award categories, which were developed based on qualities and attributes that local businesses seek in their employees.  Students are encouraged to compete for awards in Attendance, Academic Excellence, Academic Improvement, Community Service and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). At BCTC, these awards are sponsored by Corle Building Systems.

For more information about The Challenge Program, Inc.’s Business/Education partnerships, click here.

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