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Anna D’Acierno – 2015 Student of the Year Finalist

2015 Student of the Year Finalist

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Chartiers Valley High School
Allegheny County
Valerie Keys, Principal
Megan Colt, Guidance Counselor
Lesley Kunkle, Guidance Counselor

Maynes Associates Architects Business Partner

“The Challenge Program awards inspired me to strive further and work harder…”

As a runner-up, Anna D’Acierno from Chartiers Valley HS received a certificate and a $100 Amazon gift card from The Challenge Program, Inc. during the Crystal Owl Gala on April 30, 2015 in Pittsburgh, PA. All finalists also received a surprise gift from Crystal Owl sponsor, MARC USA. Tony Bucci, Chairman and CEO of MARC USA, stepped forward and generously offered each of the three students a $1,000 award. Thank you, Mr. Bucci. MARC USA is a full-service, integrated marketing agency in Pittsburgh, PA.

Anna’s profile

Anna D’Acierno has a dream job in mind but did not believe she was capable of overcoming the obstacles that might stand in the way of that dream. However, the 2014 Challenge Program kick-off assembly changed her mind. “I found it to be very motivating for and it pushed me to want to achieve better grades and take more challenging courses. I believe that the TCP award categories inspired me to strive further and work harder for what I want to claim as my own.”

De’Acierno challenged herself and signed up for a CIHS (college in high school) Calculus class. Through competing for a Challenge Program award she discovered something important, that it isn’t always about having the best grade in the class. “Trying things that challenge you is an achievement of its own. I am proud of myself because I am doing my best.”

To win an award from The Challenge Program, Inc., would be one of the most memorable accomplishments of my senior year in high school. I am not the most intelligent kid in my school. I don’t have the highest GPA, and many classes are extremely hard for me, but at the end of the day, I am proud of myself because I am doing my best. To be recognized for my effort would be such an honor and would help me build hope for my future.

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