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Crazy stems from a word used in the 16th century which meant “full of cracks.” A place that is full of cracks is not necessarily broken but rather it has room to grow, to let people in these cracks, and to reach out to help people, places, or things to grow along with them. While working at The Challenge Program, Inc. this is what I have come to understand.

It seems although wherever you go, someone in the place has it in their head that this is where they work and it has to be the craziest place ever. People might love what they do but it doesn’t stop the little jokes that come along with a fast-paced organization.  “Aren’t you ready to leave this crazy place yet!?” It is important to understand that crazy is something I have always wanted.

Grocery store clerk, pretzel maker, professional filer, someone to lock up so everyone else can go home; these are things that are not crazy. They are consistent positions at regular businesses. Then you get to TCP and things are this amazing kind of crazy. There are a lot of cracks because they are not perfect. What they do is unpredictable, fast-paced, inspiring, and empowering to young people and businesses which are not things that could be done in a perfectly planned out way. The cracks allow the students to enter the organization and share their stories of raising thousands of dollars for animals or how they are joining the Navy with high hopes of a furthered education. The cracks allow the program to reach out to businesses and the community to aid in their growth so things like students getting their dream jobs right out of high school can happy.

So if you’re telling me that TCP is crazy, then the world definitely needs more crazy.

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