2017 Kick-Off Assembly

Classroom Feud: Workplace Edition

Info for Educators
Info for Business Partners

This year’s assembly – Classroom Feud: Workplace Edition – is a fun, yet informative twist on the hit show “Family Feud” and will have seniors face-off with juniors for the top spot.

The presentation will reveal to students the right answers to the important questions for career-readiness and success both in and beyond the classroom and how to earn $200 cash incentives in Attendance, STEM, Community Service, Academic Improvement and Academic Excellence.

The kick-off presentation guide will be emailed to all educators and business partners once an assembly scheduling form has been received.

The Guide includes:

  • Materials Requested
  • Volunteers Requested
  • Staging Diagram

Participating Business and Schools will be contacted by their TCP Program Development Representative to review the Assembly and the date, time and location of the assembly. In the meantime, never hesitate to call 814-533-7401 x100 with any questions.



Info for Educators:

It’s time to begin! Thank you for the time to help schedule the 2017 kick-off assemblyIf you have not scheduled your assembly yet, please fill out an Assembly Scheduling form today or call 814-533-7401 x100.

For schools who participated during the 2016-2017 school year, underclassmen awards will be distributed at the end of the assembly. (These awards will be presented to current juniors/seniors for the work they accomplished as sophomores/juniors).

The Challenge Program, Inc. mission and implementation align with state education departments’ standards for Career Education and Work (CEW) goals for all students:

  • Career Awareness and Preparation
  • Career Acquisition & Entrepreneurship
  • Career Retention and Advancement
  • Motivating Students

The Scene:

  • 3 seniors and 3 juniors will represent their class grades to compete in “Classroom Feud”.
  • The Challenge Program and Business Representatives host the show
  • The game-show style presentation will reveal the correct answers to important questions about TCP award categories and how they connect to the workplace.
  • Responses will determine which team wins “The Feud”.

Please select students who are comfortable on stage and with public speaking (i.e. drama students). Choose a combination of boys and girls. The students will use their own names.

For the Stage:

  • 3 Tables staged according the diagram included in the assembly guide email.
  • 1-3 Microphones (whatever is available) – if there are more than 2, please let us know as they will be helpful.
  • 1 Chair
  • Access to Sound System for Music – we’ll supply the music.
  • All other props will be supplied by TCP.

Volunteers Needed:

  • TEAM 1-JUNIORS: Please select three juniors to participate. These students will be speaking scripted parts.
  • TEAM 2-SENIORS: Please select three seniors to participate. These students will be speaking scripted parts.
  • 2 Stage Crew Members:  Please select two sophomores so they have an opportunity to participate in the presentation. 1 sophomore will hold the answer board and the other will sit in the chair on stage to ring the bell and the buzzer and hold up “Applause” sign.
  • 1 Student to assist with the music. This can be a faculty member if you prefer.
  • Each student volunteer will receive 1 hour of community service.

If schedules permit, please allow all volunteers to be available 20-30 minutes prior to the start of the assembly to go over the presentation with the TCP Program Manager who will arrive at the school at least 45 minutes prior to the assembly.

Players Characteristics:

  • Enthusiastic “game-show” personalities.                                           

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Anna Gibbs, Program Communications Manager, at 814-533-7401 ext. 100. 



Info for Business Partners

Thank you for taking the time to participate in our 2017 kick-off presentation. If you have not sent your RSVP for your partnered school assembly yet, or have not received date options for the assembly, please call 814-533-7401 x100.

Your Role:

Your role will be as one of the “hosts” for Classroom Feud: Workplace Edition. We encourage our businesses to send a representative who is comfortable with public speaking. You will be given an opportunity to address the students during the introduction. The “game” questions/answers will relate to TCP award categories and characteristics and you will be given time to comment on why they are important to your organization and overall professional success.

Promotional Items:

You are encouraged, if available, to bring promotional items from your business to distribute to the students. There will be 8 student-volunteers for each presentation. It is your choice to bring enough for the volunteers only, the volunteers and the award winners (+10) or more to distribute to the audience.

Assembly Day Preparation:

If your schedule allows, please report to the school 30 minutes prior to the start of the assembly to review the presentation with the students and the TCP representative. In the above Educator Section, you will see what we are asking the schools to prepare for this assembly. Your time, the educators and the students are all very valuable and we thank you so very much for your support and participation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Anna Gibbs, Program Operations Manager, at 814-533-7401 ext. 100.