Business Partnership and Major Gifts



We create a trained pipeline for business.

Connecting Business and Education

     Businesses have an integral role in The Challenge Program, Inc.’s mission, to partner with high schools to stress the importance of five categories required for success – Attendance, STEM, Community Service, Academic Improvement and Academic Excellence – and their impact on successfully gaining good, sustaining employment as well as on education and training.

Select one or more high schools to support and engage with them at a minimum of three times per year.

Address a school assembly of 10th, 11th and 12th grade students about  your company, its career opportunities and paths to training/education for success.

Select workforce related activities throughout the year (i.e. facility tours, workshops, job-shadowing, mock-interviews) which prepare students for the expectations of workforce readiness.

Press releases with photos; Website recognition; Monthly messaging to students; Banners/posters placed in the schools; Social Media promotion

Reinforce a frequently implemented business practice of awarding excellent performance with incentives. A portion of your investment funds a $200 award for five students from each eligible grade (15 students in all). Students are challenged to compete in the five categories to create habits needed for success.

Major Gifts

Donors are welcome to support The Challenge Program, Inc.’s mission without actively participating within the high schools.  These contributions provide valuable, sustaining funds that allow us to strengthen our current partnerships, expand the Program’s reach and continue developing students’ good work habits for their futures and connecting them with business.

Support for The Challenge Program, Inc. may be contributed by:

  • Use our “Donate Now” button at the top of this page.
  • Becoming an Event Sponsor
  • Attending and/or volunteering with fundraising events.
  • The Challenge Program, Inc.welcomes the opportunity to be the recipient of other fundraising events. Contact Executive Director, Barbara Grandinetti: 814-533-7401 x101