Surveyed Business, Student and Educators Agree



“TCP effectively raises awareness about our company and its career opportunities.”



“TCP meets its goals in motivating students to compete for all the award categories.”



“TCP meets its goals in educating students about career opportunities in their communities.”

2015-2016 Program Impact Report: Surveys demonstrate The Challenge Program, Inc. Works!

Attendance: 1,050 students came to school EVERY day
STEM: 100% of students motivated to take STEM courses
Community Service: 36,192 hours donated by award Winners

Contributing $262,396 to their communities (based on $7.25/hr.)

Academic Improvement: Average GPA increase = 2.9
Academic Excellence: Average GPA of winners = 4.10

A Program for ALL Students

The Challenge Program, Inc. endeavors to reach all students, regardless of previous academic performance. Our purpose is to positively affect student behaviors and attitudes as well as grades. The rewards for 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students are $200 financial incentives in five categories:

  • Attendance
  • STEM
  • Community Service
  • Academic Improvement
  • Academic Excellence


The Challenge Program, Inc., is a Powerful Tool

The Challenge Program, Inc. is a valuable tool in an educator’s toolbox, reaching out to students who may need a little more motivation to get through the year.

Easy to Implement

The Challenge Program, Inc. provides easy-to use forms, and clear guidelines and criteria for selecting your award winners. TCP Representatives both in the field and in the office are available to help you implement the program in your school.

Simple Award Submission

In the fall and spring, we will provide you with a weblink to have your student finalists take our online survey and a weblink to easily fill out and submit your award winner names.