From Our 5- and 10-Year Anniversary Business Partners

From Current Students & Alum

The Challenge Program, Inc. taught me the value of community engagement and collaboration. Being a part of the Challenge Program, Inc. Student Advisory Board taught me how to work with others to achieve big-picture results.

I know I would not be here without my stand-out work ethic that I developed while working with The Challenge Program, Inc. in high school.

Chad K., Academic Excellence Winner, now a Motion Picture Literary Assistant at The Gersh Agency

I had a feeling I could win, and I had worked so hard that I knew I was already a winner in everyone’s book! The Challenge Program really inspired me to help people, and I urge everyone to get involved with your local VFD–especially Pine Twp VFC–because our departments are small and we all really need your help right now!

Alexandera R., Community Service Winner, Indiana County Technology Center

This year was the first year for The Challenge Program, Inc. [at my school]…I did understand the message. I realized this group of people cared about the future of the students at my school and wanted to challenge us to do the best and be the best we can be.

I took that message and ran with it, working hard in all my classes to achieve academic success.

Meghan K., Academic Excellence and STEM winner, Springdale High School

From Our Educators

I am proud to say The Challenge Program has played a significant role in our efforts in developing young adults who are prepared for college and/or the workforce.

Michael J. Vuckovich, Principal, Greater Johnstown High School

The Challenge Program, Inc., is a wonderful vehicle for both schools and businesses to help bridge the gap between education and the future workforce, our students.

The resulting partnership motivates and engages students in a meaningful way for them to strive for continual improvement to reach their ultimate career goals.

Grace Lani, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Canon-McMillan High School

The Challenge Program is a win-win endeavor that provides a chance of rewards to all students regardless of their economic status or academic abilities. Every student can be a winner!

Edwin Bowser, Superintendent, Forest Hills School District