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“This is an opportunity for our company to do some advance recruiting and to provide real-world advice about the education the students will need to get a good job.”
Debra Livolsi, Northeast Division Human Resources Manager - FTS International

“Everyone looked forward to the program in high school the past few years, and it adds some excitement to the work we do both in and out of the classroom.”
Emily S., 2014 Community Service winner - Karns City High School

“It means a lot to me that people from the community care about the success of us young people. You have made the road to success easier for me with your generosity.”
David S., 2014 Academic Excellence winner - Baldwin High School

“Two protective factors that we are working to strengthen are as follows: 1) community recognition for pro-social behavior; and 2) school recognition for pro-social behavior. The Challenge Program accomplishes both goals to the benefit of students in our district.”
Dr. Susan J. Anderson, Superintendent - Westmont Hilltop School District

“I am proud to say The Challenge Program has played a significant role in our efforts in developing young adults who are prepared for college and/or the workforce.”
Michael J. Vuckovich, Principal - Greater Johnstown High School

“The Challenge Program, Inc. is an innovative program that focuses on workforce development, produces essential core values, and sustains professional relationships and mentors for our youth. The Challenge Program is taking the lead in supporting our students and preserving qualities that make our community so special.”
David Lehman, Superintendent - Conemaugh Valley SD

“The Challenge Program, Inc. engages local businesses to partner with schools to teach students about the employment opportunities available to them in their own communitites. Business leaders that attend the assemblies provide mentorship and guidance to students as they develop strong work ethics that they will carry with them as they enter the workforce. By introducing students to the career opportunities in their area, and by providing motivation to succeed, The Challenge Program, Inc. is taking the steps needed to develop a stronger workforce for the communities where our students will live and work.”
Dr. G. Brian Toth, Superintendent - Bellwood-Antis School District

“As a science-based organization, nothing is more important to MATRIC's long term success than quality education in our community - especially S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education. The Challenge Program gives MATRIC the opportunity to not only educate the community about our organization, but also to show students and educators the opportunities that exist locally for individuals with strong S.T.E.M. backgrounds.”
Greg Clutter, Chief Operating Officer - MATRIC

“As the future is priceless I cannot thank you more for deciding to invest in mine.”
Katelin O., 2014 Academic Excellence winner - Valley High School

“I have always enjoyed The Challenge Program assemblies and the request for each student to rise to the challenge, and I'm honored that I have received the STEM award this year. During a time in which the idea of finances is a little intimidating, this was definitely a boost of confidence.”
Grace W., 2014 STEM winner - Indiana Area High School

“I am going to learn computer science in college. Your scholarship encouraged me to pursue my dream by learning and getting good grades. ”
Shulai Y., 2014 STEM winner - Riverview High School

“I believe the program is a great way to reward students who do what they need to do to prepare themselves to have a competitive and successful future.”
Cortney T., 2014 Community Service winner - Williamsport High School

“This partnership has allowed for open dialoge [with businesses] and increased opportunities to occur that would not have happened otherwise.”
Richard J Bernazzoli, Superintendent - Portage Area School District

“Miners Medical Center has received a personal opportunity to form connections with high school students and to educate them about our hospital and its numerous careers. The Challenge Program, Inc. provides us with the opportunity to promote the principals that we value in our employees - hard work, dedication, and pursuit of excellence.”
William R. Crowe, President - Miners Medical Center

“I have had perfect attendance since kindergarten the whole way up to now, my senior year. All of Westmont-Hilltop loves this program and we all appreciate the money we receive. ”
Taylor Ann S., 2014 Attendance winner - Westmont-Hilltop High School

“The Challenge Program (TCP) enables employers to communicate the importance of the values TCP advances and to promote employment opportunity within the community.”
Mike Sirockman, Human Resources Site Service Leader - Dow Chemical

“This scholarship is very important to me because both of my parents are deceased, so I had to work extra hard to make money for college. My main goal in life is to make a positive future for myself. Thank you again for this gift.”
Erica L., 2014 Community Service winner - Windber Area High School

“As a student...I can say it wasn't the easiest to wake up at 5:30 a.m. for school, but the reward was certainly worth it.”
Jeffrey M., 2014 Attendance winner - Woodland Hills High School

“From a statistical standpoint, we continue to experience some of the highest increases in the numbers associated with these aspects [academic, attendance and community service] of school and community life and I believe that these gains can be attributed to our participation in The Challenge Program.”
Patrick J. Mannarino, Ed.D., Superintendent - North Hills SD

“When I received this award I realized that with hard work comes good things and now I am going to be working extra hard in life and my future because of you.”
Thomas B., 2014 Academic Improvement winner - Ferndale High School

“The Challenge Program played an important role in my work at school and I am very happy that I was able to receive aid that I will put towards my future plans. I am planning on majoring in materials science and engineering at Penn State University and plan to pursue a career in engineering.”
Gray B., 2014 STEM winner - Windber Area High School

“You have helped me to get a step closer to my goal of a career in communications, and I will use the money I received as an investment in my future. Your generosity is deeply appreciated.”
Laura R., 2014 Attendance winner - Central High School

“I love to see students get recognized for hard work in front of their peers. It is so nice to see them receive a check for something like community service or good attendance.”
Scott Hagy, Principal - Keystone Oaks High School

“Our sponsorship of the Somerset County Technology Center is an excellent match for the kind of technically educated applicants we hope to attract. The Challenge Program, Inc. provides us with a cost effective means to reach these graduates.”
Shawn Kaufman, Director of Human Resources - Riggs Family Foundation

“I worked hard to bring up my grades and it was nice to receive money for my efforts.”
Jordan F., 2014 Academic Improvement winner - Penn Cambria High School

“I think all students should do some type of community service...”
Bill M., 2014 Community Service winner - Indiana County TC

“I really appreciate your generosity and hard work in creating The Challenge Program. I will certainly make the best of this remarkable opportunity.”
Ryan K., 2014 Attendance winner - Bishop McCort High School

“TCP gives our students reward opportunities for positive work that would not be an option if the program wasn’t available. ”
Adam Wilfong, Guidance Counselor - Shanksville-Stonycreek High School

“I thank you for choosing me because that was my goal my senior year. I really realized after the first three years of high school that grades and life are extremely important, so I set the goal to be the most improved academic student.”
Evan A., 2014 Academic Improvement winner - Charleroi Area High School

“I would like to thank you for founding this wonderful program that inspires students to improve.”
Katie C., 2014 Community Service winner - South Side High School

“The program motivated me even more than usual to maintain my grades, which helped me to get into Dickinson College, which I will be attending in the fall.”
Maria V., 2014 Academic Excellence Winner - Avella High School

“The Challenge Program is a win-win endeavor that provides a chance of rewards to all students regardless of their economic status or academic abilities. Every student can be a winner!”
Edwin Bowser, Superintendent - Forest Hills School District

“The Challenge Program has helped me to reach higher and go farther. It shows me that those who work hard will be rewarded. This money is going toward my college education...I am the first person in my family to go for a higher education after high school. This money is helping my goals and dreams to come true.”
Rachel K., 2014 Attendance winner - Bishop Carroll High School

“The Challenge Program, Inc. provides the business community with the opportunity to tell students about job opportunities that are available, and the training skills needed to be hired for those positions. Through this exchange, students may be inspired to pursue a career in one of the industries within our region.”
Edward J. Sheehan Jr., Senior VP & CFO - Concurrent Technologies Corporation

“As a foreign student, to receive this kind of award is just something that brightens my future...I am originally from Mexico...I am committed to make the most out of this opportunity to live in the United States of America by being or at least trying to be a student of excellence...shown by graduating with Honors, my G.P.A., and of course being the only senior to have perfect attendance. It is not the money, but the award, that keeps my dream alive. ”
Jesus R., 2014 Attendance Winner - South Charleston High School

Believe. Reach. Achieve.
Believe. Reach. Achieve.
Believe. Reach. Achieve.