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“I have become aware that this is the first time that the award [STEM] was offered, and I couldnít be happier to accept this award for the high school for the first time. The generosity that The Challenge Program displays in offering these awards shows its dedication to the future of society and education.”
Derek N., 2013 STEM Award Winner - Altoona Area High School

“I am proud to say The Challenge Program has played a significant role in our efforts in developing young adults who are prepared for college and/or the workforce.”
Michael J. Vuckovich, Principal - Greater Johnstown High School

“I have had perfect attendance from K-12th grade. I have worked very hard and felt honored when I won the perfect Attendance award of my senior year.”
Beth M., 2013 Attendance Winner - Connellsville Area High School

“I have always tried to become a great student in hopes of winning the academic achievement award. In trying to maintain my grades, I ended up with perfect attendance.”
Corey D., 2013 Attendance Winner - Charleroi Area High School

“Two protective factors that we are working to strengthen are as follows: 1) community recognition for pro-social behavior; and 2) school recognition for pro-social behavior. The Challenge Program accomplishes both goals to the benefit of students in our district.”
Dr. Susan J. Anderson, Superintendent - Westmont Hilltop School District

“Miners Medical Center has received a personal opportunity to form connections with high school students and to educate them about our hospital and its numerous careers. The Challenge Program, Inc. provides us with the opportunity to promote the principals that we value in our employees - hard work, dedication, and pursuit of excellence.”
William R. Crowe, President - Miners Medical Center

“I invested the award money into my first smartphone. I am going to college for software engineering and plan on designing my own apps with it (my degree). [This award] has opened up more methods of being more experienced at software engineering.”
Sean G., 2013 Attendance Winner - Sharon High School

“TCP gives our students reward opportunities for positive work that would not be an option if the program wasnít available. ”
Adam Wilfong, Guidance Counselor - Shanksville-Stonycreek High School

“Itís people like you in our society who truly make an impact. An award like this can change a studentís life in such a positive way. These awards make students work harder in the classroom and in their communities.”
Rachel W., 2013 Academic Excellence Winner - Claysburg-Kimmel High School

“I had some problems my freshman and sophomore years of high school, so my junior year I pushed myself to get mostly Aís. I just wanted to say thank-you so much.”
Melinda G., 2013 Academic Excellence and Academic Improvement Winner - North Star High School

“Our sponsorship of the Somerset County Technology Center is an excellent match for the kind of technically educated applicants we hope to attract. The Challenge Program, Inc. provides us with a cost effective means to reach these graduates.”
Shawn Kaufman, Director of Human Resources - Riggs Family Foundation

“I am speaking for not just myself but scores of other students when I say that it is an honor to be recognized for hard work and diligence in such a significant way.”
Kylie J., 2013 Academic Excellence Winner - South Charleston High School

“This unexpected recognition of my efforts gives me a sense of confidence and encourages me to continue to work to the best of my ability. I will enjoy doing so as I find great satisfaction in working with machine tools. I really like the career I've chosen. I love being in the machine tool technology program at the Beaver County Career and Technology Center and look forward to furthering my education in my field of study.”
Gregory W., 2013 STEM Award Winner - Beaver County Career and Technology Center

“I take great pride in saying that I am a Challenge Program award winner for I believe its recipients embody excellent qualities that will lead to great successes in the future.”
Nicholas D., 2013 Academic Excellence Winner - Greensburg Salem High School

“I am a senior who won your Ďmost improved academicallyí award. I was probably the happiest girl in the world when I did get it! I started high school off a bit rocky, and everyone here knows it, so it was nice to have something to show myself and all of them how much I did improve. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to do that.”
Valerie D., 2013 Academic Improvement Winner - Freeport Area High School

“I am strongly committed to being an active participant in community service. I volunteer weekly as a candy striper, in addition to Special Olympics, a local food bank, Vacation Bible School, and opportunities offered through my National Honor Society. Thank you again for acknowledging my dedication and hard work through this award!”
Leslie V., 2013 Community Service Winner - Butler Senior High School

“The Challenge Program, Inc. engages local businesses to partner with schools to teach students about the employment opportunities available to them in their own communitites. Business leaders that attend the assemblies provide mentorship and guidance to students as they develop strong work ethics that they will carry with them as they enter the workforce. By introducing students to the career opportunities in their area, and by providing motivation to succeed, The Challenge Program, Inc. is taking the steps needed to develop a stronger workforce for the communities where our students will live and work.”
Dr. G. Brian Toth, Superintendent - Bellwood-Antis School District

“This partnership has allowed for open dialoge [with businesses] and increased opportunities to occur that would not have happened otherwise.”
Richard J Bernazzoli, Superintendent - Portage Area School District

“The Challenge Program is a unique and interesting motivational device because it has a ripple effect: Example, in order for me to strive for academic excellence, I can't help but improve academically wherein I must be physically present at school thereby achieving improved attendance; resulting in meriting acceptance into affiliated honor groups also requiring community service thus creating increased participation in community service/service learning. It's a win-win situation!”
Justin D., 2013 Academic Excellence Winner - North Pocono High School

“My dream is to own a successful restaurant someday, and it will take a long journey to reach that goal. The Challenge Program award has given me a lot of confidence to keep going on that journey.”
Joel N., 2013 Academic Improvement Winner - State College Area High School

“I love to see students get recognized for hard work in front of their peers. It is so nice to see them receive a check for something like community service or good attendance.”
Scott Hagy, Principal - Keystone Oaks High School

“Sometimes itís hard to keep working hard, but your inventive motivates me to push by my own boundaries.”
Kathleen B., 2013 Attendance Winner - Tyrone Area High School

“The Challenge Program, Inc. provides the business community with the opportunity to tell students about job opportunities that are available, and the training skills needed to be hired for those positions. Through this exchange, students may be inspired to pursue a career in one of the industries within our region.”
Edward J. Sheehan Jr., Senior VP & CFO - Concurrent Technologies Corporation

“I think that the program is great and I saw it motivate students in my high school first hand. A handful of my peers kept their attendance record spotless with the knowledge of this award and that is no easy feat for a senior! It was also a great reward for kids who worked extremely hard whether in maintaining a high Q.P.A. or boosting one up or even helping out in their community.”
Kristen R., 2013 Academic Excellence Winner - Seneca Valley High School

“This is an opportunity for our company to do some advance recruiting and to provide real-world advice about the education the students will need to get a good job.”
Debra Livolsi, Northeast Division Human Resources Manager - FTS International

“Immediately upon hearing that I had won the award, I started to think about how the award money could best be used. I had considered just investing it, but knew that actually putting it to use would be much more productive.With the goal of producing something tangible in mind, I set out with a few of my close friends to do something worthwhile. We began working out the details of our project, a website which allows people to communicate seamlessly with their followers, in real-time. What we envisioned was , a new and innovative way to communicate with your followers. Thanks to TCP's generous award, we are able to pay for the infrastructure which is keeping our site running.”
Eric P., 2013 Academic Excellence Winner - State College Area High School

“The Challenge Program is a wonderful incentive and motivator to influence students that are struggling to find a reason for putting the effort in to excel. I myself suffered through the same issues, but now I am exceeding expectations set by myself and others. I plan for a successful future, and this award gave me another purpose for toughing it out.”
Tony A., 2013 Academic Improvement Winner - Portage Area High School

“In my freshman and sophomore year, I was about to fail high school. Then halfway through my sophomore year, I decided to do musical theatre for my school. About three weeks after doing this, my grades went from D's and F's to A's and B's. I now make high honors almost every nine weeks. I never really thought anyone would notice my improvement until your program gave me this reward.”
Andrew C., 2013 Academic Improvement winner - Brownsville Area High School

“This award is a significant acknowledgement of my personal goals in the scientific field. It has been my goal since 5th grade to become a Nuclear Engineer and I am working hard to realize that goal by taking and excelling in advanced math and science classes. I want to thank you again for your faith in my ability to succeed and your contribution to my future successes.”
Joshua G., 2013 STEM Winner - Chartiers-Houston High School

Believe. Reach. Achieve.
Believe. Reach. Achieve.
Believe. Reach. Achieve.