You Business may choose one or as many schools with which to support and partner.

The financial support per school is $5,000.

In the fall, your business representative will join The Challenge Program, Inc. at a presentation assembly to kick-off the year at each of your chosen schools with 10th, 11th and 12th grade students. 

  • Together, we’ll challenge the students in the 5 award categories. There are 15 incentive awards per school, each worth $200 to a student.
  • Your Representative has the opportunity to speak about  your company, its career opportunities and the paths to training/education for success.

In the spring, you will return to present the graduating seniors their Challenge Awards. The underclassmen will receive their awards the following fall at the next presentation assembly.

In the summer, your business will be invited to a mock-check presentation with all the businesses in your county who have contributed and partnered with The Challenge Program, Inc.

Throughout the Year, your business and your partnered school will choose workforce related activities throughout the year (i.e. facility tours, workshops, job-shadowing, mock-interviews) which prepare students for the expectations of workforce readiness.


  • 3 – 4 press releases with photos throughout the year (fall, spring, workforce connection and mock-check presentation)
  • Website recognition of partnership and any accolades your business receives. Possible Spotlight interview
  • Your business name on monthly messaging to students 
  • Newsletter recognition of partnership and accolades your business receives. 
  • Business name on Banners/posters placed in the schools
  • Social Media promotions of your business