2018-2019 Business Contact Form

2018-2019 Business Contact Information

Please fill out and submit this form to keep The Challenge Program, Inc. database accurate. This will assure you are listed properly on the website and the correct individual(s) receive communications from us.
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Business Information

Business Classification for TCP Website Recognition

We respectfully require TWO Business Contacts:
1. MAIN Contact

MAIN Contact


If your organization has a separate marketing, public relations, or social media contact with whom we need to connect, please indicate below.
If not, indicate N/A in the ALL Fields.

CONNECTING Business and Education
Please check as many of the following activities as you would like to engage in with the students and or educators.
Thank you for your time. We look forward to a successful and productive Program year. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the Program for the Business/Education Connection activities, please feel free to comment below or call 814-533-7401 x100.

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